Positive Dog-Friendly Holistic Dog Training with Nicole Berthiaume, CPDT-KA For All Breeds, Ages & Sizes
                                                           Positive   Dog-Friendly   Holistic                                             Dog Training with                                    Nicole Berthiaume, CPDT-KA                                    For All Breeds, Ages & Sizes   
Teacher's Pet Dog Training

My husband and I were first time dog owners when we brought home our Corgi puppies, Parker and Penelope. Nicole helped us understand the many important considerations for raising healthy and happy puppies, such as how to read ingredients labels in order to provide proper nutrients for meals and snacks, finding the right pet products and how to use them effectively, and taught us how to provide POSITIVE training methods in raising happy and well-behaved companions. Nicole, thank you for helping us become good dog parents!


Arlene & Perry O.  Pasadena, CA

Nicole is the BEST dog trainer ever! We have a Border Collie named Briland who is full of brains and energy and Nicole is so great with him. She has not only taught our dog how to behave she has taught US how to communicate with him, groom him, feed him a healthy diet, and keep him from getting bored and into trouble. We love the one on one attention we and our dog get when she comes to our home for a private lesson. We have referred Nicole to several of our own clients and would recommend her to anyone who has or wants a dog. It's never too late to start training if you have Nicole. She's the best!
Laura & Todd F.
Sierra Madre, CA

After having had a completely untrained dog, I knew I needed to go a different route with my new Portuguese Water Dog puppy Bento. Nicole was highly recommended by a neighbor whose dog served as a great advertisement. Training with Nicole is one of the best things I've done with Bento. He absolutely adores her and "school days" are nothing but fun for him. More than just training Bento, she has trained us humans. Nicole has helped us better understand Bento so we can communicate with him which adds to the fun of having him around. Having forgotten about life with a puppy, it was such a comfort to have lessons with her and figure out "puppyness" and learn how to get him started off on the right path. Bento is turning into a fine young dog and we are all so thankful to Nicole for helping us have the best relationship possible.                                       


Karen L.
South Pasadena, CA

A BIG thank you to Nicole for all of her help and recommendations! My Coton de Tulear puppy Colbert had chronic Giardia for months despite having had several rounds of antibiotics. I took him to Holistic Veterinarian Dr. Limehouse at Nicole's recommendation on Monday and by Tuesday I could already see a huge improvement. Nicole also showed us how to work with Colbert to help him accept being groomed. I took Colbert to Tracy at Pasadena Pet Grooming (also recommended by Nicole). He had a temper tantrum at  first, which Tracy handled very well, and she reports that he behaved well after I left. I've also noticed a big improvement at home with the brushing. Thanks so much for your help, Nicole! It is such a relief to have found great people to help us in these areas.

Laura K.
Pasadena, CA

Hard to believe, looking at sweet Domino that he had some aggression issues when it came to protecting his toys! Nicole was amazing with our baby French Bulldog--she figured out the problem right away, and worked on obedience training with him.  Not only does he love Nicole, he actually listens to her (and now us) and has really settled down on all fronts at home, including growling and chewing.  Nicole not only knows her stuff but she is also intuitive.  She came highly recommended to me from an owner with similar experiences and I will recommend her to those who follow me and are at their wits end with their pups!  I can't say enough great things about Nicole and her methods.  They work!!

Joan A.
Pasadena, CA

My wife and I highly recommend working with Nicole for dog training because in addition to being very good at what she does, she also has a real genuine love for dogs and it shows.  Nicole helped to socialize our Mini Dachshund puppy Oliver with all different types of dogs from a relatively young age, which has helped him become a very social and well-adjusted adult.  When we get our next dog, we definitely plan to have Nicole work her magic again!

Andy & Carie S.
Pasadena, CA  

Molly, my Shiba Inu, did not know how to play nice with other dogs, but after Nicole's Puppy Kindergarten class, she was totally socialized. We ended up taking Obedience (a necessity with a Shiba Inu!) and also Agility (FUN) with Nicole. She makes dog training a joy, and is an excellent trainer. We love Nicole!!

Patti H.
Pasadena, CA

When I walk my Miniature Dachsunds Scarlet & Tori the difference between a trained dog and an untrained dog is obvious. You see an owner with a dog in the distance and when they see you they duck into a driveway or hold their barking and snarling dog at bay as you walk by. My dogs, trained by Nicole, walk by the untrained dog who is having a conniption with a look on their faces saying, "What's wrong with this dog?" Her training classes are fun for both the dog and the human.


David D. Pasadena, CA

We had our concerns about getting trained, my two rescued Italian greyhounds, Maddy & Letta, and I. Letta was afraid of all dogs; Maddy was afraid of all people; and I am a bit clumsy and have always had difficulty understanding spoken instructions. Then, we found Nicole and it has been all smiles and tail wags ever since. People ask why I drove such a long way to go to Nicole's class; the answer is because class is so much fun and you learn so much at the same time. Nicole is a very experienced, kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable teacher who uses only positive training methods. I have seen her work miracles not only with my two scared little dogs but with many other dogs of various sizes and personalities. I recommend her very, very highly. She gets 8 paws and 2 thumbs up from us!

Alice Espey, Ralph Heidsick
Northridge, CA

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