Positive Dog-Friendly Holistic Dog Training with Nicole Berthiaume, CPDT-KA Est. 2001
Positive Dog-Friendly Holistic Dog Training with Nicole Berthiaume, CPDT-KAEst. 2001   

Choosing & Preparing for your new Puppy

Choosing a puppy is a VERY exciting and important decision that will affect you and your family's life for many years to come. Nicole is available to help you make this important decision from narrowing down the right breed(s) for your lifestyle to visiting the breeder with you. 


Nicole will use her years of hands-on experience and professional knowledge to help you:


  • Decide on breed(s) that will fit you and your family's personalities and lifestyle. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right breed for you and your family. Examples range from energy level, exercise and training needs to grooming costs and potential health concerns.
  • Decide on whether to Buy from a reputable breeder or Adopt. (Buying a puppy from a pet store is NOT recommended. The majority of pet stores sell puppies acquired from third party "Puppy Mills" . These puppies often have problematic health and behavior issues due to irresponsible breeding, neglect, mistreatment and filthy living conditions.)
  • Evaluate potential breeders' reputation and breeding facility.
  • Evaluate the puppy's parents (physical condition and behavior / temperament).
  • Evaluate each pup's temperament and physical health in order to help you choose the best puppy for you from the litter. 
  • Prepare the puppy's living areas and purchase everything you will need prior to bringing him/her home. (And help you save money by eliminating unnecessary purchases!)
  • Prep you and your family on how to deal with your new puppy's first night and few days in your home so that he/she settles in comfortably and you start off immediately with good training habits, especially sleep and potty training.


Choosing a puppy should be a fun and happy activity, but it can be an intimidating task. If the puppy you bring home is not the right fit for your family, the consequences can be emotionally and financially devastating. Nicole has an excellent track record of choosing healthy puppies with stable temperaments. References are available upon request.


Please Contact Nicole for more information and Rates.


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