Positive Dog-Friendly Holistic Dog Training with Nicole Berthiaume, CPDT-KA Est. 2001
Positive Dog-Friendly Holistic Dog Training with Nicole Berthiaume, CPDT-KAEst. 2001   

Board & Train (Puppies & Dogs under 25 lbs only)

 ~ For dogs over 25 lbs, please consider our Private Day Camp Training ~

Nicole's Private Board & Train Program is unique.


One Dog at a Time

In Nicole's Home 

(Not a Kennel)


  • With Nicole's program, your dog lives in her home 24/7 (not a kennel or run), and is the only dog she is training during their entire stay. Regular one-on-one walks, outings and doggie play dates are included (optional, depending on your preference).
  • With traditional Board & Train programs, dogs are kept in a kennel-type environment with multiple dogs being trained simultaneously. Typically, each dog gets a few hours of training per day and is kenneled, walked/exercised and/or plays with other dogs (depending on the facility) for the rest of the day. 


One-on-one Interaction

In a Home Environment

Just like yours!


  • With Nicole, your dog will live in her home with her and be trained, cared for (and loved! ❤️) 24/7, just like her own. This gives Nicole the opportunity to teach your dog house manners such as: not begging or stealing while she's cooking and eating; not chewing the furniture or other off-limits items; not barking excessively; not jumping on visitors; consistent potty training; and more!
  • With traditional kennel programs, because multiple dogs are being trained at once, each dog can only get so much one-on-one time with the trainer, and there's no opportuntity to work on indoor "house manners" in a kennel. 


Daily Videos and/or Pics to

Track Your Dog's Progress


  • Nicole will text or email you a daily video and/or photos so you can see your dog's progress and what they learned that day. 


Less Time Away from Home


  • Historically, Nicole has only needed 7-14 days of Board & Train with her clients' dogs in order to achieve their desired goals and results. Because your dog is the only dog being trained in her home, and they are interacting with her throughout the day, results are FAST. Because each dog is unique, Nicole will give you an estimate of how long she thinks your dog will need prior to starting the program.
  • Most traditional Board & Train programs require your dog to be away from home for 1 month to several months.


 Consistent In-Home Follow-up

& Lasting Results


  • Included in the program fee are (2) private 45 minute training sessions with Nicole; one to be completed immediately upon your dog coming home after their stay with Nicole (required), and the second to be used as a follow-up within 60 days of your dog completing the program (optional).

  • Board & Train program is offered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Initial 75-min training session required (online as needed). 
  • References available upon request. 
  • Please contact Nicole for more info. and pricing.



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